A New Year

St Benedict at Buckfast Abbey
St Benedict, from Buckfast Abbey

2018 had many highlights: following a momentous Easter I made a pilgrimage to all 22 Catholic diocesan cathedrals in the England and Wales province; I visited the Benedictine Belmont Abbey for three retreats; and loved my time in Walsingham (England’s “Nazareth”). My annual trip to India was split between the Punjab and Tamil Nadu/Pondicherry. It was amazing to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar and then to head South for the more familiar rhythm of peaceful ashram life and Mass by the Bay of Bengal.

As we move into 2019 I’m looking forward to teaching the continuing meditation courses at Vipassanā Fellowship while developing new courses for Contemplative Faith. I’m also beginning to work with a few new people on a personalised one-to-one basis.

Trips are planned to India, Italy and Israel this year as well as a couple of retreats here in the UK. Perhaps I shall meet some of you on the road 🙂

I hope your year will be peaceful and fruitful. May it bring many blessings.