Spiritual Direction

Andrew has worked as a meditation teacher and writer for more than 20 years and has had a daily meditation practice since he was 17. It was his meditation practice that reconnected him to the Christian tradition after many years practising in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition.

He trained in Spiritual Direction at Loyola Hall via the Liverpool Diocese course in 2012, was commissioned as a spiritual director by the then Bishop of Warrington, Rt. Rev’d. Richard Blackburn, and subsequently was a member of the diocesan training team for new spiritual directors. He is particularly interested in contemplation, desert spirituality and the English and European mystics. He completed the Spiritual Exercises at St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre in Wales and has extensive experience of solitary and group retreats in South Asia and Europe. He has an interest in Eastern and Western devotional forms and has spent time in Christian Ashrams in India. He has led meditation retreats in the UK, Finland, Germany, Sri Lanka, and India. Andrew was a member of Spiritual Directors International from 2014-2020 and also mentors trainee meditation teachers. Formerly an Anglican, he is now a member of the Catholic church and continues to accompany directees from different traditions in person, from his home in Southport, England, and online.

Spiritual Direction is always focused on the spiritual needs of the person being accompanied. It does not seek to conform the person to a particular tradition or set of dogmas. Rather, the director will use a mix of prayerful, contemplative, and respectful questions to examine the spiritual journey and assumptions of those he or she is accompanying. The aim of this confidential and non-judgemental relationship is to further open the person to the presence of God in his or her life. Direction is like a three-way conversation: the director and directee speak, listen and hear each other while attending to what God – present “where two are gathered” – is sharing in the midst of this encounter.

Andrew offers Spiritual Direction on a one-to-one basis either locally in Southport or to anywhere in the world by Zoom (or Skype). Spiritual Direction is an on-going relationship. We suggest a minimum of 6 sessions, usually at 4-6 week intervals.

If you’d like to enquire about Spiritual Direction with Andrew, please use the contact form.