Ignatian Exercises

The Spiritual Exercises devised by St Ignatius of Loyola are an intensive and demanding prayer-filled encounter with God. St Ignatius provided a framework that can be undertaken in several different ways to meet the needs and circumstances of the individual. The Full Exercises are usually made over 30 days in a residential setting, but St Ignatius also recognised that some people may be unable to commit to a month away on retreat and therefore he wrote the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Annotations which offer the Exercises in one’s home setting. The Nineteenth Annotation covers the full Exercises over 24-35 weeks. The Eighteenth Annotation is a short sub-set of the Exercises typically lasting 8-10 days. The Exercises were formed in a Catholic context but have proven helpful to Christians of many traditions. Andrew trained in Ignatian Spirituality and the Exercises at Loyola Hall, England, and St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre, Wales.

30-36 weeks

St Ignatius Loyola
St Ignatius (1491-1556)

We offer the Full Spiritual Exercises in the Nineteenth Annotation as 3 ten to twelve week blocks over a year. During this 30-36 week commitment, the exercitant will be individually guided through St Ignatius’s framework of dedicated prayer and reflection. There will be concentrated prayer time every day, at home, supported by meetings with Andrew approximately every 2 weeks (online from anywhere in the World via Zoom or locally in Southport, UK). Starting dates and session times are flexible.

8 day home retreat

This short intensive uses some of St Ignatius’s exercises as an individually-guided retreat in one’s home setting. You will be given material each day to support your prayer practice and will meet with Andrew (online via Zoom) every day for about 30 minutes. You can begin throughout the year by arrangement.

If you’d like to enquire about the Ignatian Exercises with Andrew, please use the contact form.