Liquid Faith and Identity

Gladstone's Library

I’ve just returned from three wonderful days at Gladstone’s Library in North Wales spent in the great company of people with fascinating spiritual journeys and interesting conversations to share. The course looked at religious bi-identity and the fluidity of our faith experiences and we were a very diverse bunch with much to compare and contrast about our respective journeys so far.

The course was led by Ian Bradley of St Andrews University who has recently written a book on the theme of Water – including the spiritual properties and metaphors it evokes – and by Elizabeth Ursic of Mesa Community College and the Arizona InterFaith Movement who focused on identities, visual representation and cultural and religious change.

Statue of Sophia, Gladstone's Library

As so often on these kinds of event, there was a seamless flow of conversation from the formal sessions into the discussions around the dinner table. Gladstone’s is a brilliant place for meeting with interesting folk and having the chance to engage in proper conversations. I can’t wait to return. It helps that there is a fantastic library of spiritual and religious texts (among others) and that the accommodation is comfortable and food so delicious. A great, welcoming, place!